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steam upholstery & carpet cleaning San Francisco, CA
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Carpet Cleaning San Francisco
Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco Uses the latest advances in both stem and dry carpet cleaning technique, which help us give our customers the most effective carpet cleaning service.

With time carpet collect a lot of dust and allergen, even with a daily vacuuming some of the allergen and dust are not removed. There is nothing to do about that the simple truth is that over the counter vacuum doesn't have enough suction to remove the particles that are deep in the carpet.

Steam cleaning service is one of the most popular carpet cleaning technique. San Francisco Carpet Cleaning Steam cleaning is known for its deep cleaning attributes. Steam Cleaning is also called hot water extraction because it uses hot water and solvent that chemically reacts with the fabric of the carpet to sanitize and clean it thoroughly.

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco truck mount carpet cleaning equipment us one of the latest models and is capable of heating the water up to 300 degree, and therefore grantee that our customer carpet will get the best cleaning possible.

As good as steam cleaning is it's not the appropriate cleaning for any type of carpet, for more delicate carpets steam cleaning can cause the color of the carpet to fade, and the carpet to wear faster. In these cases it's preferable to use dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning as the name suggest is done without wetting the carpet. The advantages of this method is that it can be used on delicate fabrics and protect the carpet from wear. Another important advantage, especially for high traffic area is the fact that you will not have to wait for the carpet to dry, you will be able to use the room right away.

If you looking for carpet cleaning for either esthetical or for the removal of dust, grit, stain and allergen call Carpet Cleaning San Francisco for efficient, punctual and friendly service
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