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Welcome to - a leading national cleaning team providing rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Using a professional team of technicians, we are committed to provide you with the best local service in each of our services.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Our professional technicians specialize in 7 different methods of carpet cleaning:

  • Hot Water Extraction or 'Steam' Cleaning
  • Shampoo
  • Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo
  • Foams
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Absorbent Dry Compound
  • In-Plant Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction or 'Steam' Cleaning
Portable or truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. The machine may employ rotary brushes or another agitating device to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil.
Factors that affect the results of this method are:
- operator skill
- solution temperature
- spray pressure
- vacuum power
- prespray: spraying solution some time before extracting

Carpet Cleaning with Shampoo
In this method, detergent solution is released onto the carpet through openings in a rotary brush, whose rotary action converts the solution into foam and works it into the carpet. Once dry, vacuuming removes the residue containing loose, encapsulated soil. At times, chemicals may be added to the detergent solution to reduce odors, retard soiling, brighten colors and/or speed drying.

Carpet Cleaning with a Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo
As the name implies, this method uses the Hot Water Extraction method and Shampoo. This method is especially effective for cleaning highly soiled carpets, with heavy oil/soil build-up.
The process has two steps:
- Shampoo using rotary brush to loosen soil
- Hot Water Extraction using water rather than detergent solution to remove shampoo

Some units may combine both steps. It is usually expensive because of added labor costs.

Carpet Cleaning with Foams
This is a variation of 'Shampoo'. Foam is generally applied onto the carpet, usually from aerosol containers, and rubbed in with a dry sponge. Once dry, the residue containing suspended soil is simple vacuumed away. Since foam uses little water, there is no danger of over wetting and the connected complications. But due to the same reason, this method is not as effective as the "wetter" methods!

Carpet Cleaning using Bonnet Cleaning
This is another method similar to 'Shampoo'. Bonnet cleaning employs an absorbent pad ('bonnet') attached to the bottom of a rotary machine. Detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet ad the rotary pad is used to agitate and remove the soil suspended in the solution from the carpet. Once one side of the pad gets soiled, the sides can be reversed. And when both sides get soiled, the pad can be replaced and later cleaned.
This method is used in the regular maintenance of commercial buildings.

Carpet Cleaning with Absorbent Dry Compound
TA dry compound containing detergent/ solvent is sprinkled onto the carpet and worked into the pile using machines. The soil particles get encapsulated in the absorbent dry compound and are removed by vacuuming. Since this method does not use any "wet" process, there is no danger of over wetting.

In-Plant Carpet Cleaning
This type of carpet cleaning is ideal for specialized cleaning of loose or valuable rugs. The rugs are sent through a duster which extracts soil more effectively than routine vacuuming. They are then washed and hung to dry in a controlled air environment.
The Firm may also offer special service for repair of valuable rugs, using special equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Tips:
Carpeting can be one of the most durable investments you make for your home - provided you care for it properly. With routine cleaning and basic maintenance, a quality carpet can last 20 years or more.

Today's carpet are designed to hide soil and even repel it, thanks to advances in chemical treatments.

However, carpet fibers can still trap and hide dust, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants. Over time, that can lead to matting and a general deterioration of your carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning has a number of benefits that we sometimes forget:
• It extends the life of your carpet.
• It gives a fresh, clean look to a room.
• It makes a room smell better.
• It eliminates dust and particles that bother people with allergies and asthma.

Regular vacuuming is perhaps the easiest and most dependable way to giving your carpet a longer life.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind when you're vacuuming at home or shopping for a new vacuum:
• Choose a vacuum cleaner with dual motors, one for suction and the other for the beater bar that loosens dirt. (Canister vacuums and 'electric brooms' don't have a beater bar.)
• Make sure your vacuum cleaner has adjustable and rotating brushes that can loosen ground-in soil, and a strong enough airflow to penetrate to the backing.
• Make sure the filtration bag is enclosed and adequately limits particles from re-circulating into the air.

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